During an initial consultation, we will carry out an assessment in order to be able to make a personalised intervention plan. First sessions are focused on the individual/s, what led them to seek our help, as well as setting goals around what they want to accomplish from attending the sessions.

Although some people report that they are nervous before the first session, our highly experienced team endeavours to put our clients at ease.

The assessment will predominantly comprise a conversation between the client/s and therapist/s.  It may also involve a short questionnaire.

After an assessment, the clinician will recommend an intervention plan and a suggested number of sessions to work together.  Whatever the age and whatever changes clients would like to see in their life, these sessions are guided by the individual and will be taken entirely at their pace.

At Dr Ben Weiner and Associates, we draw on variety of psychological models.  For example, we may use Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (commonly known as CBT) to reflect on thinking and behavioural patterns that may be perpetuating difficulties.  Similarly, we may draw on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) which aims to help the client to understand and accept the feelings they are experiencing and at the same time striving to live a life that is true to their values and goals.  Our therapists may also draw on Compassion-Focused Therapy which encourages people to behave compassionately towards both themselves and others.

After an assessment, we may recommend family sessions. This is common when we work with young people, given the variety and complexity surrounding a young person’s relationships.  We also may recommend this when working with those who have difficulties within their family.

Family interventions will be guided by systemic psychotherapy which brings people together to look at the difficulties within the relationship, rather than one person exploring the problems alone. This enables us to allow different members of the family to become part of the solution.

No matter what, we are committed to being guided by the wishes of the individual/s.

The assessment will be completed collaboratively with a Clinical Psychologist and our new Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist.

Our Child and Adolescent Consultant Psychiatrist offers a holistic Psychiatric assessment that aims to identify any underlying Psychiatric disorders, such as anxiety and depression, as well as any environmental or familial factors that may be impacting the child’s mental health.

The assessment will comprise a meeting with the young person and their parent/s. It may also involve the Psychiatrist liaising with the young person’s teacher/s or other significant individuals in the young person’s life, as well as asking the network to complete some screening questionnaires.

Based on the findings, the Psychiatrist collaborates with the young person and their family to develop a tailored treatment plan, which may include therapy with other members of the BWA team, medication management, and other interventions to promote the young person’s well-being and functioning.