Dr Lisa Shostak

Dr Lisa Shostak qualified as a Clinical Psychologist in 2007 having completed her clinical doctorate at Institute for Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience at Kings College London. Since then she has worked with children, young people and their families across a wide variety of settings both within the NHS and Social Care as well as with a range of charities. She is experienced in working with a broad range of ages and families from a wide range of backgrounds. She believes passionately about the central role that parents and caregivers have in the lives of their children and wherever possible works to empower them to be able to create change for themselves and their families. She is author of several book chapters highlighting the importance of both early intervention and about considering all difficulties in their broad systemic context. She sits on the Committee for Children, Young People and their Families as part of the British Psychological Society and has for many years been heavily involved in policy work advocating for broader systemic change to enhance the mental health and well-being of children young people and their families.